Should Dental SEO Be Stopped During The Coronavirus?

Should Dental SEO Be Stopped During The Coronavirus?The Coronavirus has made our world take a complete turn. With some dentist offices closed, and others seeing only a percentage of their patients, dental SEO is most likely something that many dentists may not be concerned about right now. Others are not sure how to handle SEO through a pandemic. Some offices are decreasing their dental SEO attempts, while others have completely stopped. This leaves the question to be answered…should dental SEO be stopped during the Coronavirus outbreak?

SEO is a much-needed practice for many businesses. This strategy can help a dentist’s office succeed better than those that have opted not to use search engine optimization. While many dental offices may feel that if they are not seeing the patients during such a pandemic, they can cut costs on their SEO efforts. While all this may sound good in theory, it is not a wise move. In fact, stopping dental SEO can hinder search engine results.

As soon as the Coronavirus makes its run through the United States, we will see many dental practices open back up. Appointments will be filled, and chairs will be full of patients ready to have their dental procedures. However, you should always keep in the back of your mind that if you continue to do SEO during COVID-19, you will fare better than those dentists that decided to completely stop.

Did you know that 3⁄4 people will scroll down the first page only, never making it to the next page? Or that over 90% of web traffic goes to the first page! These are significant points to remember, as it will assist in reminding dentists that dental SEO truly is important. You, as a dental office proprietor, can perform SEO if you desire to do so. By doing these practices you’ll be capable of having traffic that is engaging. The following are some ways you can make it happen.

Once you’ve been cleared to resume your practice, you’ll want to connect with the ground running. You’ll be required to advance ahead of the competition. During a pandemic, it can be easy for your competition to get ahead of you if you’ve stopped doing SEO. Those that continue to perform SEO strategies will be capable of recovering quicker than you if you suspended SEO altogether.

Throughout the Coronavirus, more people are spending time online as they’re at home. This means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people are online. With this being said, it’s essential to be certain that you produce content on your site that will help those that are seeking information about a particular dental issue. By making more individuals aware of your dental practice, you’ll be capable of ranking higher on the search engines.

Through this experience, you can consider supplementing with telehealth along with your content. This will help patients be able to see you if they’ have inquiries or concerns. You may also desire to rewrite the past blogs into ebooks, do online meetings, or place graphics on your site from existing articles.

When a pandemic strikes, it is a great time to continue on SEO. This is because many people are under the impression that it will not matter if you do it during rough times. But if you stop now, everything you have done SEO wise will be lost. And that means that your competition is getting ahead of you.

No matter what, people will always need a dentist. By making use of dental SEO, you can be sure to stay ahead of the game. If you are uncertain how to do SEO on your own during the Coronavirus, consider calling a professional, such as Local SEO Company.

The Aftermath Of Google’s Pigeon Updates And Local SEO

The Aftermath Of Google's Pigeon Updates And Local SEOWhen Google finally released its Pigeon update, it hit the SEO industry by storm. Experts were scrambling to and fro to see what effects it had on their sites and client’s sites. The results were nothing short of astronomical and the good points far outweigh the negative.

No one was prepared for what would happen next, so when the final results came in, they made the SEO pros have to change their game plans quickly.

First of all, Pigeon’s local SEO algorithm launched in July 2014. It affected mostly Google Maps search and their web search. This brings about a better combination of factors leading to far more efficient local search engine results. I took people by surprise and some say it was a hindrance more than a boon, but the final tally says otherwise for several reasons.

It’s not that alien to what people see in the standard Google search results, the problem is that no one expected the drastic changes in rankings that occurred in the aftermath.

Mind you, the entire SEO game has changed over the past year, not just with Pigeon. There are multiple factors at work here and digging deeper into what’s been changed and how things work today gives a better insight as to how not only Pigeon works but what’s required by local SEO pros to adapt to it.

Traditional points such as misspellings, synonyms, etc. are taken into account more sharply. Errors can throw off one’s rankings but that calls for webmasters to go back to the drawing board and make sure their sites are up to specs or they could end up at the bottom of the pile. Add to all that, Google had to resolve their battle with Yelp whom Google had disassociated themselves of and got accused by Yelp of pushing Google’s reviews over those of Yelp’s. This issue has been resolved and things are all cozy again in Googleland.

Flying from this cue, Google now also gives a boost to local review sites over their own. This is like fine tuning to the utmost degree and allows for queries to laser target their searches and get the relevant content listed instead of spam.
Other pluses and minuses have come about due to the release and updates of Pigeon. It will take time for Google to fine tune what they have as they’re constantly looking for more efficient ways to do things. Feedback, statistics, trial and error, call come into play here and by the end of 2015, By that time, SEO experts should have a better handle on how to optimize their sites and direct their clients.

There’s no telling really, of what Google has in store for the near future. Any breakthrough in SE technology and tactics could change the game even further. It calls upon SEO pros dealing with local SEO to stay on their toes. Keep in mind that quality content, clearly defined and designed websites, getting good reviews, using social networking to an advantage, are all part and parcel to ensure that the chances of getting a good SE ranking are better.