Boost Sales With These Tips From An SEO Company

SEO Strategies to Boost Your SalesAiming to skyrocket sales this year? You’re not alone! By making a handful of strategic tweaks to your current campaign, that target can easily be within your grasp. These changes are effective and simple to implement right now, so you have many gains using Google Ads. It will not require the business owner to jump through hoops to obtain a client, nor will you have to spend mountains of money. Here, we show modifications for E-commerce PPC, National and Regional Service PPC, Local PPC, Local Service PPC, and Local Home Service PPC.

The first modification for E-commerce PPC involves testing the image in Google Shopping. By using a new high-quality image, you can look for ways to make it stand out. This can be done with a stock photo or a real-life one. Make your product the center of attention. If you are not able to take a great picture yourself, hire a photographer to do it for you if you decide to use a real-life one. Depending upon your business and audience will depend upon which one does better.

Then, lower your price by a buck or two. This will allow you to have more clicks because it is only natural to click on the most inexpensive one. By doing so, you can have the opportunity to make three times as much money because twice as many individuals will be seeing your product.

As you are changing the price, make certain the last digit is either a 7 or a 9. People are psychologically drawn to odd numbers, especially the number 7.

When dealing with National and Regional Service PPC, your first step for modification is for your keywords. It only makes sense to use the words that your potential clients are searching for. All of your customer’s keywords should have their own special ad. Then make sure that these keywords can be found on the landing pages. This can boost sales by as much as 40%! Also, do not forget to put your city in landing pages and Ads.

Look at keywords when it comes to Local PPC. Brick-and-mortar stores can greatly benefit here. Many of your clients will come from searching for a single word. You can boost sales by incorporating your location into the Ad, as well as the landing page.

Local Service PPC’s first modification involves placing your keywords in the Ads to boost sales. An SEO company will tell you that you can double your clicks just by doing so. Of course, you will want to use your location in the Ads and maximize your landing page. Make sure your visitors are able to answer if they can not only trust you but also fulfill their needs in their area.

To increase your return on investment with Local Home Service PPC (Pay-Per-Click), use your keywords in Google Ads. You will also increase your clicks if you use location in your Ads. Do not forget to maximize the landing page. If not, you may find out your visitors will leave your page in less than 5 seconds.

Looking for an SEO company that can boost sales? Contact Local SEO Jacksonville to get started today! They can assist you in initiating the process by creating a personalized plan of action that suits your needs.

Getting Down To Basics With Local SEO

Getting Down To Basics With Local SEOThe game of local SEO is getting more challenging as time goes on. This doesn’t mean however, that it’s too difficult to handle, as there are things you can do yourself if you’ve the knack for it.

The bottom line here is knowing the fundamentals. Local SEO or Search Engine Optimization is vital to today’s business success online.

Local SEO calls for doing some investigation and plain common sense on your part. First of all look at your site to see how much of it focuses on your business’ location. This includes state, county, city or town. Being precise here is most important as people looking for what you have to offer in your specific locale will find your site.

Remember, you’re competing with dozens if not hundreds of other businesses in the same area perhaps for the same or similar goods and services. You need to dominate here, not settle for second best or you’ll be missing out on major revenue and authoritative. This calls for some strategic planning and application of the basics that we’ll look at here.

First of all, make sure your site is well constructed. That means a smart layout, easy navigation, and proper links. Next is the content that has to have the name of your business and what you have to offer, mixed with the names of your location. This includes the zip codes and perhaps even local landmarks and notable celebrations. Let no stone be left unturned. If you live in an area where there’s a major sports team or popular event like Spring Break or parades etc., then you’ll be smart to include these events along with the local e data and your company’s name and most importantly your contact information.

Add to this reviews of your services that contain all the elements above. Your copy has to include this and your pictures, graphics, and videos should have these tags and information as well.

If your URL doesn’t have your location such as if you had, then you’ll need to get one or add the locations and service attached to your URL such as Make separate pages with such URL modifications as well such as or Do this for every service or good you have and make sure your contact info is on each page, spelled correctly with interlinking links to each and all pages within the site map. Use different pictures too. So on your hamburger page you’ll have pics and vids of hamburgers with the proper tags, and on you French fries page the same. This way you’ll get the higher listings and get better results.

This will make your site look like you’re an authority on the subject and you’ll rank higher in the search engine results.

Remember, you want to dominate the rankings for your local SEO. Your hard work in building up your brand and drawing your well-deserved traffic and revenue to yourself.

Following these simple steps will get you on your way and well established with a great SEO strategy.