SEO Tips For Improving Your Website Ranking

affordable_seo_company_02Even though there are plenty of things quite obvious about SEO but, there are certain things that aren’t that obvious like what needs to be done when there is no choice available except duplicate some news story. In order to make sure that the website performs to its optimum level few SEO tips have been provided that not only help with top ranking but proves equally competitive.

Web Rankings                                     

Lots of questions arise regarding how websites are ranked by Google. Primary questions remain whether same algorithm is used by Google for ranking the results or not. For instance, many people wonder whether the results on first few pages focus primarily on freshness whereas results that come in the ultimate few pages focus mainly on social signals.

As a matter of fact, same algorithm is used by the company for returning web results which is then sorted by Google based on the site’s reputation as well as relevancy to search query conducted. Determination of the 1st position is actually determined this way. When it comes to SEO tips, a person should focus on almost everything starting from freshness of the website to quality backlinks to social networking.

URL Canonical

There are times when there is warranted duplicate content. This is especially the case with breaking news which is being covered by everybody else. While using some news story which is published probably over several URLs, it is always a good idea to make use of the canonical tag. This can be done to avoid getting penalized by duplicate content filter. Primary purpose of the canonical tag is to pinpoint towards original source of some news or information.

Majority of times content for breaking news happens to be short-term duplicated. The use of canonical tag allows use of content for short-term till the time things get cleaned up within the site. After the story becomes old and everything has been sorted accordingly, the website does just fine without any trouble.

One TLD for Different Countries

It is the desire of every person to keep SEO as much perfect as it gets. Those with websites serving different countries hosted under several TLDs with 1 IP number always wonder whether Google finds single IP for every TLD authenticate. However, the thing is that users can put several TLDs under 1 IP address. The TLD is only used by the company as indicator regarding the indexing of the website.

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