SEO Service Can be Affordable for Small Businesses

SEO JacksonvilleGood  news for small businesses, bad news for established local SEO firms the industry is becoming more competitive and the shortage of local SEO professionals is beginning to be filled, though gurus with more than a few years experience are still in the minority.

SEO affordability then may become a reality for many more small businesses and not by trying to do it yourself, and often getting it not quite right.

For some time if you wanted an affordable SEO company you would look to outsource off shore, quite possibly to India or the Philippines, there are a lot of very good SEO professionals in these countries but there are some very poor ones as well; now more than ever a bad SEO company can do more harm than good following the Google Penguin update.

Many people who opted for cheap SEO services in the past from offshore companies have now seen their sites penalized by Google Penguin and they have no comeback, it is much better to use a US based SEO company but price has always been an issue.

In terms of the time SEO takes to complete it shouldn’t cost as much as it has in the past or even does now, SEO companies though know they are competing against other types of marketing and they understand the relative value of SEO so charge as much as they do.

A $1,000 a month on SEO may seem a lot but it probably is better value than the same spent on newspaper advertising or another type of traditional media advertising. Read more …

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