Facebook researchers evaluate precisely how kids, parents interact on social network

For great or evil, Facebook knows quite a bit about what we do on-line. And in a fascinating glimpse at familial relationships on social networks, information scientists there posted a cool evaluation of how parents and their progeny interact.

The study is total of tidbits about families’ on the net interactions. It appears that family interactions on a semi-public, on the net network in lots of strategies mirror what happens within the privacy of our personal properties.

The very first trend will most likely be familiar to any individual who has raised (or been) a teenager. Researchers discovered that younger youngsters were overwhelmingly the ones to initiate buddy requests to their parents, a trend that quickly declines from age 13 till individuals are in their mid-20s. The rate of kid-initiated on the internet friendship then rose, to about 50 percent from the time the kids had been in their mid-40s. read more …