Not Utilizing Local SEO Is A Big Mistake

Not Utilizing Local SEO Is A Big MistakeIf you expect SEO to work for you, then you’ll have to incorporate what’s referred to as Local SEO. Local SEO is a sub group of highly specialized SEO that targets promotion via your location. Not using Local SEO is a major mistake too many webmasters and marketers make.

You can’t sell anything if people don’t know where you are, especially if you’re promoting an offline product or business like a restaurant or plumbing or pet service. People can see your website full of bells and whistles but if your location isn’t prominent on each page of your website then you’ll not gt the advantage of higher rankings and diversity. Your location can be a key ingredient to business sales and profit and an attraction to surfers who are looking for goods and services in a particular area.

Why is this important? For far too many reasons and we’ll cut to the chase to show how to utilize Local SEO to your advantage.

First of all, Google doesn’t index websites but instead web pages. Each page on your website has to be optimized with every aspect that can be exploited. Of course you’ll promote what you do or sell and use all kinds of terminology and keywords, keygroups, and keyphrases, backlinks, tags etc., but your location is a gold mine for targeted organic traffic which is what you want the most of. Let’s say you’re selling plumbing supplies in Hickleberry, Ohio. You want to be THE seller of plumbing supplies in Hickleberry so you need to beat the competition. To do this you incorporate the keywords, Hickleberry, Ohio, and the zip code and street address. This is part of not only your webpage copy but also in any pics, videos, graphics, cartoons, and blog posts.

This spreads out the fact that you’re selling plumbing supplies and services in that area and Google will index you at the highest if your competitors don’t use equally optimized Local SEO. You can actually rule the roost if you do things right.
Not only do you emphasize that you’re in that area but you can take advantage of other things in the area like annual events, celebrities, news. Every town or city has some sort of historical site or sporting event, school events, parades and more. You go out and get some video and pics of these events and post and talk about them on your site’s blog. You’ll get the attention of Google and other search engines because people will be searching for such data from people who not only live in the area but visitors and tourists as well.

In addition, you post about these locales on your social media pages with links to your blog. Google loves that social media interaction because it makes your site look like it is serving the public and is alive and kicking.

So that’s why you must have, at all costs, a Local SEO campaign going and hiring the best SEO company to implement it.