Will Google end SEO as we know it?

Will Google end SEO as we know it?It was bound to happen. The years of dedicated planning and scheming and tactical maneuvering with SEO may have come to an end.

What’s this, you might say? The end of SEO as we know it? How can search engines exist without SEO or SEM? How about the billions upon billions of websites and blogs that rely on finely tuned search engine optimization? Why, if SEO finally has met its match what will replace it?

The problem or solution to all this begins with Google. Google has spent so much time, money, resources, and efforts to combat SEO gurus and specialists who are basically cramming up the search engine with their sites that have no quality relevance. These slick hucksters know the Google algorithms, the secrets, and it’s all Google and other SE’s can do to keep one step ahead. Finally after years of this fruitless battle someone had a brainstorm and decided to let SEO go and populate the SE results pages another way.

Well that sent shockwaves throughout the planet you can bet. Billions of dollars are spent every year by individuals and corporations, governments, and criminals to make the top results in the search pages. To say the competition is fierce is an understatement. Once in a while a lucky thing will happen and the small fry site will dominate the results. When that happens you can be assured that others will analyze it and swipe file it until it’s beaten into the ground.

This unfair playing field can only be stopped by just getting rid of SEO altogether. If that is done the upheaval will be astronomical. Google is pushing for better content, better copywriting and real relevant links instead of keyword and keyphrase placement and other SEO standards employed today.

Just think of the havoc this strategy will bring. A lot of money is going to be lost but also that attention and revenue will be shifted to more deserving sites and blogs. The small guy with a high quality website will get is day in glory without having to shell out a ton of money to some guru or company that makes absurd claims about getting their websites to the top search pages.

Just imagine the world in the next few months or a year from now with Google dropping the standard SEO model. China, Russia, Pakistan, India, and the U.S., with billions of websites will have to scrap them or update them. This is going to be a task of monumental proportions and cost immense amounts of time and money. Why? Because it calls for better photographs, better and more relevant copy to be written by professionals and not sweat shop mills located in old buildings where the writers are paid a pittance. Google will know the difference from a personalized, professional site from some cookie cutter product and that means the death knell of companies trying to dominate by pumping out rotten content to get links and traffic.

There may be other changes Google has in mind that will put an end to fake social networking pages designed primarily just to get statistics up and dominate. This will be due to better software and more quality control. The public is tired and has complained so much about the bogus sites and sites of such less quality that Google has been forced to change the game and change the game they have.

Developers and the public will have to wait and see what happens next but in the meantime you can bet the SEO pros out here will be on pins and needles doing what they can to maintain their position.


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