Knowing The Value Of Backlinks

Knowing The Value Of BacklinksNot too long ago, websites were being punished for having too many backlinks, but this was due to the earlier trend of websites rising to the top of the search engines because they had a bazillion backlinks. Well since that’s no longer the case and severely penalized, smarter and more effective ways of acquiring and utilizing backlinks takes center stage.

You must realize that the present trend is that Google will look at your backlinking profile and judge whether your site is legit and worthy of higher ranking.

Of course some people will use what is referred to as Black Hat techniques which is basically cheating and using various technologies to get the upper hand. As soon as one new Black Hat technique hits the webwaves, Google’s experts will devise another way to countermeasure those unscrupulous efforts and the game begins anew. It upsets the market now and then but honest webmasters and the search engine pros are in there swinging to get things as honest as possible.

Google wants their surfers to get quality content via their links. Quality means retention and not rejection. Surfers who keep running into spammy or criminal sites when they click on the top search engine rankings then they’ll look for greener pastures. That would mean less ad revenue and brand name power overall. Those old enough to remember how Yahoo lost their edge because Google provided a better venue.

So how do you get the boost in rankings via backlinks and not get into trouble? Here are a few more things to follow.
Build great content that is on a site that is well constructed. Great content with the proper anchor texts that are clearly understood, diversified, and containing one or more keywords is essential. Waste nothing and leave nothing to chance. As you build up quality content like copy, pics, videos, then you can post some of it on social media sites without being hit for spam. People who like that content will engage with it and push it to the fore. The shared content should have a link back to your site and the more people share it on their blogs, social media pages, the more diversified and lively your site will look. Be careful as when Google sees a massive amount of backlinks they’ll get suspicious, however, if your site features something exclusive or proprietary and brand name data, then they’ll see it as a boost in popularity and not some spammy linking farm.

This means getting those authority site backlinks. Links from companies, professionals in the niche, fan bases, news sites, that people turn to to get the latest and best info regarding the niche your website focuses on, makes your site look like one that is of importance and value. When this happens you’ll be on your way to a more upwardly reputable SEO success.

Overall there are several other factors but these are the basics. These are the prominent ways to keep tabs on. When applying these approaches keep a keen eye on your statistics to see what is working and why. Then you’ll have a better map to guide you through.

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