‘Mobile-friendly’ compliancy standards in place for Google Search Engine

‘Mobile-friendly’ compliancy standards in place for Google Search EngineIn advance of one of the largest SEO based conferences–the Ungagged London (16-18 May)–businesses, corporates and entrepreneurs alike are collecting data and sharing strategies for the upcoming changes to the Google search results system, and how their website or business is ranked.

With it’s new change, unlike Panda or Penguin, this new modification to Google’s search engine is defined to provide businesses with a new prospect for engaging and drawing in potential business and consumer viewing. Unlike the past aforementioned changes, this is arguably less about website compliancy per Google’s regulations, and more so about modernization and application of new marketing strategies with an entirely new, more customized and supportive approach for it’s consumer audience.

Personal businesses will face—at least initially—the many benefits of the Google mobile-friendly changes and platform as it sets the SEO pretext for merchants and (larger) businesses alike to optimize how their consumers may not only view their websites or information, but also how it’s found. That is, because smaller businesses and entrepreneurs have more flexibility and the ability to presumably act faster, within their development and IT teams, to service or meet new business module expectations or service opportunities for its customers. Per the new rating guidelines, Google is looking to have all, if not as many as possible merchants on board to modify their websites to a mobile-friendly status with the ‘incentive’ of making it to, or holding its place in top Google search results—something that could previously only be achieved through SEO expertise, arrangement, and application of keywords.

Consumers and viewers alike will ideally be granted the ability to now access information on the web more easily; from merchants, to businesses, all the way to academic institutions through a new ‘mobile friendly’ option in which is verifiably obtained through the ‘crawling’ of Google data systems or ‘spiders’.

Google Webspam team speaker and former senior member Kaspar Szymanski pointed out the dynamics of how not having a mobile-friendly website or business inconveniences customers, leaving much room for fellow competition. Additionally, in doing so, providing an increased reputation in accessibility for the Internet as technology continues to evolve into the next generation. Patterns of previous and future performance, willingness to adapt their platforms, and allocate additional funding are all factors that business owners must take into consideration and determine whether or not the financial justification is applicable for them and their businesses future.

Mr. Szymanski, a fellow SerchBrothers.com co-founder pointed out that smaller business owners and entrepreneurs shouldn’t be intimidated. He explained how merchants and business owners should take into consideration the value and purpose of their business, and budget permitting, to just work with what they have in efforts to rein in and maintain success.

Take into consideration the expectations of your customers and readers that explore your business on a daily basis. While meeting the ‘mobile-friendly’ required, or expectations per Google’s impending changes to gain higher of or new ranking—it’s important to not lose sight of pleasing the customer firs. On top of this, let’s not forget that you, the business or website owner are also a customer of Google. With that being said, it will behoove Google to tread lightly with precision, support, and practicality in the changes it makes to further develop or enhance website modules and service features in the future for customers and business owners alike. Likewise, the significance in which these changes play through developing already prestigious businesses such as Fortune 500 enterprises are of comparable, if not greater value. These businesses too will benefit in revenue increase through the enhanced accessibility for its consumer’s beyond the impartial previous SEO based tactics or approach in which we perhaps have otherwise become too comfortable with.

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