The Art And Science Of Content Marketing

The Art And Science Of Content MarketingContent marketing is a primary element of a successful online business.  Far too many people get it confused and don’t know what the modern strategies are and how to get the best ROI regarding such.

First of all let’s start with good common sense, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior.  Settle for nothing less than top professionalism across the board regarding content marketing.  This means form the ground floor up.  Looking at what you have at the moment and how it can be improved to match the strategies that are game winners now, not the old school tactics that have been played out.

Combining a good content marketing with solid research is where the first step is taken.  Before you can provide content you have to know what your target audience is and what it wants.  Other than that you’ll be shooting blind and that’s too haphazard for the high end business game you’re laying.  You’ll need to combine your content marketing with solid SEO or you’re headed for trouble.

Research, does a good battle plan make and once you know what’s needed, wanted, and sought after in your niche, you’re on the way to doing what comes next, creating content that is relevant, pertinent, and authoritative.

Google’s new software can separate the chaff from the wheat regarding what is an authority site and what isn’t there’s a lot going on here from raw data to layout to top quality copywriting and more.  If your content isn’t useful or engaging you won’t attract surfers and you won’t get them to action, nor retain them.

This is the game plan right here.  You can have all the best looking graphics and bells and whistles on your site that money can buy, but if your content even looks like advertising copy then you’re going to lose out.  For 4example, if you have a hair care business, you need to know what people needing hair care want, need, desire, complain about, etc..  Your site’s content has to cater to these concerns.  Not just one contrived article after another about how great this product is or that product is, but what is happening now in your niche and how can the surfer benefit from what you’ve posted and the services and products you offer.

Engaging and shareable content wins out here.  If surfers aren’t interested in your content you won’t attract them, convert them, nor retain them.  That would be a massive fail.

Your content also has to be mobile friendly.  That’s a whole ‘nother range of SEO to deal with too.  Mobile is the fastest growing market and with 1000s of millions of people using mobile devices instead of traditional laptops and desktops, not being mobile SEO is foolhardy to say the least.

The real bottom line here is that you’ve got to earn your surfers and their trust.  If they don’t trust you, can’t get valuable information from you, nor special treatment like as in discounts, you will lose those surfers and fast.  Your list and other ways to communicate with your surfers requires that you update your info and don’t spam.  Engage the surfer with wit and charm and let them know you empathize, sympathize with their position.  In other words, act like you’re one of the group who is here to help and let them take action because they trust your wisdom and guidance.  Don’t have copy that is regimented.  Use copy that is personable an friendly, yet informative.  Once people realize they can turn to your content to better their situations, save time and money, they will flock to you, recommend you, and share.

It’s all about marketing the right way.  Being a valued asset, not just some internet jazzy website slick marketing person who peppers their site with catch phrases and hot topic buttons.  People are getting wise to these tactics and they shy away from them.  Be the real deal and you’ll get the surfers that matter.

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