Why You Should Fire Your SEO Agency

Why You Should Fire Your SEO AgencyHiring an SEO agency to help expand your business is a pretty common practice these days, but there are always going to be certain circumstances where firing an agency seems ideal. You need to be able to figure out which SEO companies are actually going to be worth the amount of money you’re putting into them, and only the right SEO company should be the one that’s getting your money. A proper SEO specialist is going to have a varied set of skills, they should be able to work with any project SEO related that you need handled and that’s just the bottom line. We’re going to go through a few different reasons as to why you should fire any SEO company that isn’t getting the job done right, because in the end you deserve to have somebody you can rely on when it comes to your search engine optimization endeavours.

  1. They Can’t Explain What They’re Doing – If the company can’t explain the processes that they’re actually implementing into your SEO strategy than they’re probably not the people you should be working with. Every single SEO company out there that is worth their weight in gold will be able to walk you through just about every single process, even though the service you’re working with now might be working it’s still going to come back and get you in the behind sooner or later.

On top of all of that there are many different tactics to use in SEO, whether they be white hat or black hat (or even a blend of the two, which is grey hat) they should still give you a reasonable explanation.

  1. Spam-like Backlinks Significantly Increase – If the company is going to keep hitting your website with spammy backlinks than you need to get rid of them, that’s one thing that’s going to hit your site hard and if you don’t take care of it quickly you’ll be in a bad position.
  2. They Don’t Change With the Updates – Search engines are constantly updating, this means that you need to be worried about your SEO company changing with them. If your provider isn’t ready for the updates being implemented by the search engines than you aren’t going to get optimal results, and that’s essentially what you should be shooting for every single time. Some of the services that are trying to grab onto your money won’t worry about these updates, but the reputable ones already have plans and look two years into the future (hypothetically of course).

If your SEO specialist is showing any signs of these traits you should really consider replacing them with somebody who is much more competent, after all you really wouldn’t somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing handling your SEO work, would you? Keep yourself surrounded by people who are truly looking to succeed and you should succeed yourself, it’s one of those things that only works if you truly believe in it!

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