How You Can Compete With the “Big Dogs” In SEO

How You Can Compete With the “Big Dogs” In SEOBeing a small business isn’t going to get you anything but a tougher time in the industry, but that’s where most of us tend to prosper. If you’ve had the ability to check out the many different processes of SEO than you already understand what needs to be done, but if you haven’t had the time to check all of that out than you’re going to be lagging behind a few businesses that are just like your own. This means that the larger corporations that happen to be in your industry are going to be miles ahead when it comes to their presence and their customer base, but that’s why you have to make sure that you’re in the right place SEO wise. Local SEO holds a lot of importance, and failing to handle it properly will definitely hurt your chances of being successful in the future. It’s 2014 and that means all of the technological advancements we’re used to have become part of society.

People are checking their Instagram feeds as often as they possibly can and others are logging into Twitter so they can check up on their close friends. We’re going to give you three very specific tips that should help you out when it comes to being competitive in the game of SEO, because being competitive is the only thing you can do in order to assert your business. If you aren’t aggressive you’re going to miss out, so make sure that you’re being relatively aggressive with your business decisions.

  1. Make sure that you specialize in a specific industry or niche – Being a company that specializes in certain areas when it comes to local SEO is one that’s going to thrive. Being able to dominate specific niches means that you can build your brand however you’d like, you’ve already got the power and work ethic ready to go anyways (this is key if you’re looking to take out competitive businesses around you).
  2. Long-tail keywords – Make sure that you’re long-tail keywords (usually referred to as LSI’s and such). They’re terms that surround your initial focus term, you can use them to draw more traffic (which means more eyes) to you main page that’s clearly pointing to your main keyword. Whenever you can apply these kinds of keywords you should be doing so, because failing to incorporate those means that you’re missing out on tons of potential customers. A successful business capitalizes on just about every single opportunity they’re given, and that’s not the way to do it.
  3. Target your local consumers – Keeping things within the mix of your local customers is a great way to go about expanding, there’s no better way to assert yourself as a business than to tackle the local community. When you’re popular in the local community you’re popularity is going to rub off on other regions, and eventually you’ll be a household name (make sure your local SEO process actually uses local keywords as well).

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