Web Design Is Important, But SEO Should Not Be Overlooked

Web Design Is Important, But SEO Should Not Be OverlookedHaving a wonderful web design is what all webmasters and companies want.  They want their site to stand out among the rest and to emblazon itself into the minds of the surfers.

Some companies spend a great deal of capital on their site’s web design and the average person often designs their sites with all the bells and whistles they can get their hands on.  That being said, a great web design doesn’t insure that your site is going to rank high in the search engines.  On the contrary, it might harm your chances.

The reason being is that sear engines aren’t grading your site on design but on content and other factors.  Believe it or not, but a simple web design with pertinent and easy to navigate options will rank higher than a site that has all sorts of pics and videos and flying cursor unicorns and so on.  Your site may look like it came from Hollywood, but the results in the search engines are determined on authority and basic surfer friendly content.

That’s where SEO comes in because if a site is well designed but ignores the principles of SEO, then it will just sit there and look pretty and end up going nowhere fast.  The site design must incorporate enough graphics to make the site memorable in order to plant one’s brand in the minds of the public.  Careful placing of keywords and keyphrases in the copy as well as tags to pictures and videos, and also relevant links in, out, and through the website are just as important.

If the public can’t find your site when they query a search engine, then it’s useless to try to raise traffic as it’s not going to happen.

Think in terms of what you’re trying to say tot the public when they’re searching. Put in phrases that the normal sounding questions they would input into a search engine and make your site answer these queries.  Your name, address, contact info are important as well as location and perhaps even local notable landmarks.  If you can, ad a graphic that features these places or a pic and tag it properly.  Don’t over do it and don’t put so much content on one page that it looks like a patchwork quilt.  Some people like the parallax designs of a site of late, where the ere is endless scrolling from top to bottom of  site instead of clicking  a ‘next’ button to another page.  This may be attractive and the surfers might like it, but the search engines may frown upon it sooner or later.

Remember, you’re trying to draw in traffic to your site, convert that traffic into sales and leads.  If you can’t do that, then all the dazzling animation or movies aren’t going to help.

The bottom line here is to think things out regarding web design and SEO.  Take the time to analyze the popular sites in your niche and see how they fare.  Is their content well written and pro-level?  How about their graphics and keyword/keyphrase placement? Are there any statistics that you can rely on?

All these basic factors will bring about a smart web design and SEO that is efficient and rewarding.

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