Using Local SEO And Multiple Locations

Using Local SEO And Multiple LocationsLocal SEO is tough enough but when you’re a company or agency that services multiple locations, then fine tuning your local SEO calls for a more precise strategy.

To handle multiple location SEO it calls for following the same basic strategy for regular local SEO but expanding on it smartly and logically.  First of all, the ore locations you have, the more ammo you have for getting traffic and conversions to your site.  Your site should have its basic information, the blog, the quality content and pertinent links.  The se applies for multiple locations.  You’ll need to have pictures, videos, and copy that specifically targets those locations.

All pics, videos, copy, should have links and tags with the name of that particular location.  As with local SEO, using landmarks, known events, sports teams, even celebrities.  Be prudent here and don’t overdo it, however taking advantage of such venues adds to the spice and authority of your site and blog which is what Google and the other search engines are looking for.

Use only one url for all your sites.  If you have a service in New York but have outlets in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, then you’ll need pages with the names in the urls and each should interlink with one another under the same url.  This will build up power toward you and let surfers know there’s an outlet near them. Include all contact info and make sure the data is all spelled correctly.

Adding social media to this helps also.  Put up a Facebook page or Twitter account for each of your locations with the emails all under their names.  Something like or and your main site’s email  There are variations on a theme but you get the picture.

All videos and pics should have your location in the tags like, “photos, Joe’s auto body Queens” or “videos, Joe’s auto body Brooklyn.  Keep fresh content rolling on occasion and Tweet whenever things change like sales or discounts.  Post them on your Facebook accounts and Reddit and other social media too for each location. This will get your posts and Tweets listed in the Google search results and your chances of success will improve greatly.

It won’t happen overnight but you should see results soon.  SEO is a long term project that needs constant attention and maintenance.

You’ll have to do some detective work regarding citations.  Look for your site on sites like Yelp and others that list websites and offer reviews.  Make sure their information about you is correct and updated.  Contact them with the new information or correct information so that people can find you appropriately.  The same goes for the review sites.  If you have customers who’ve left reviews you’ll need to contact the sites where these reviews are and make sure the info is correct.

Same goes for pics that might be listed in Google images and videos.  If you have a YouTube channel you need to add that info and don’t just do one video of your main store, but do videos of each location including even funny or human interest moments and post those.  Embed your links in the videos and make sure each location video has links to the others.  Push for subscriptions and on your Facebook pages push for shares and likes.  Intermix your social media and citations and you’ll have a network of information that builds up.

Keep it up and you’ll see the kind of results you can be proud of.

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