Google Gives Out a Warning: Why Your Non-Mobile Sites Are No Good

Google Gives Out a Warning: Why Your Non-Mobile Sites Are No GoodIt’s a known fact that we’re a mobile society these days, you don’t see people without their phones in hand on the train or bus. There’s a very good reason for this feat, and that’s because technology has given us the best possible options we could ever ask for (at this point in time, anyways). Google has always been looking out for those whom dedicate their work to a specific site, and when you’ve been building up a site to work on mobile for a year or two that’s got to feel food. Google definitely rewards webmasters who are willing to work harder than the rest, but just how much do you need to do in order to get good rankings? Obviously a mobile-optimized site is going to bring in a lot more traffic, but why would it? Not only that, but why do you need to make use of it so badly? The internet is a very serious business, especially when there is the exchanging of money at hand. Nobody wants to feel like they’re throwing away their hard earned cash at a site nobody even visits, which is why you need optimal rankings. Google is always going to keep you in the loop when it comes to your webmaster needs and wants, especially if your site has the potential to become much more than it already is.

Mobile Optimization

There is actually a process that you can put your website through in order to see if its capable of handling mobile operations or not, but Google isn’t going to put you through it by themselves (even though they essentially help out the entire time). When you’ve put your site through Google’s Webmaster Tools it’ll decide whether or not it can be used on a mobile basis, and if it can’t they’ll send you an alert. This is something that you as the webmaster will need to accomplish, as mobile SEO isn’t going to be implemented by the company who’s paying you (obviously). Make use of Webmaster Tools and you’ll be able to identify whether your site is friendly for mobile users or not, which should be a top priority if you’re serious about your work. Being an efficient site is key, but being a site that has the perfect mobile SEO tactic in place is even better. For some reason it feels like the world of mobile marketing is growing faster and faster, and that’s probably because people are constantly getting phones.

Google will automatically e-mail you if your website falls under the “alert” category, but mobile SEO should always be keeping you alert. The e-mail will go over which pages were actually found as being negatively beneficially when it comes to your web page, as well as how you can go about fixing the problem. This is where Google really shines with it’s business solutions, because they’re very smart about this entire process.

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