Content + SEO: How to Succeed in 2015 (Securing Investments)

Content + SEO: How to Succeed in 2015 (Securing Investments)Everybody is looking to be successful, no matter what career path you happen to have taken you’re always going to want more and more. This means that you’ll have to work a little harder than most people are willing to, but that should be a piece of cake by now (that is if you’re dedicated). Securing your investments should be one of the main tasks on your plate, if you can’t properly determine how much money you need to be spending then you’re probably going to overspend. SEO and content go together like two peas in a pod, and if you don’t have good content you can’t really call yourself an “online marketer”. People don’t want to read junk, and that’s why you need to determine a realistic budget.

After we’ve looked at a few different things you need to do in order to actually secure these investments you’ll be in a much better place business-wise, that I can guarantee!

Figuring Out the Problem

Find the current problems on your website at the moment and be sure to check every nook and cranny, this will ensure that investments will ultimately need to be made one way or another. Try and conduct an audit of your website, look at the structure and how technically foolproof it is (as in how well the pages are programmed and such) as well. Once you’ve figured out all of the problems currently present on your site you can make a list from worst to least worse, then prioritize them accordingly. When you can determine which problems are less evasive than others it should save you tons of time and money, which is (of course) relatively important.

SEO is very unique, and when you spot problems in your site (when compared alongside others that also focus on the Google algorithm) you should try and fix them as soon as possible. Whenever Google updates their algorithm your site is almost guaranteed to have one problem or another, but Google is great in that regard. They always let people whom own websites know what the update is going to bring to the table, as well as how much they’ll need to prepare SEO-wise.


Try and put together a decent amount of data related to your webpage, things like traffic analytics and lead counts would be something that I can think off from the very beginning. It’s intricate details like these that could be the difference between you securing your funds or not, and be sure to always have realistic goals in mind. Metrics to go along with these goals is only going to entice the investor even more, so think outside of the box and come up with something even the most negative of investors couldn’t say no to.

Find a proper analytics tool if you’re going to go this route, using a bunch of different tools from many different makers probably isn’t going to result in the analytic showcase you probably wanted.

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