Why Guaranteed Results Are a “Bad Thing” in SEO

Why Guaranteed Results Are a “Bad Thing” in SEOSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that fuels the very soul of most websites we know these days, especially if it’s one that happens to be bringing in some sort of income. There is definitely a way to build your career through online means, especially online marketing, but hiring an SEO firm that’s actually going to make your site one to be feared (in a good way of course!). The competition is always going to look for loopholes and problems within your SEO process in order to gain an edge over you, and that’s why hiring the best SEO practice around would be in your ideal interests. Guaranteed results aren’t actually real within the SEO world, there are just way too many variables in order to actually guarantee anything. Whenever an SEO service claims that they can guarantee first place rankings they’re lying through their teeth, and all of that is without even knowing the competition level of your keyword beforehand. Do not trust these services, it’s something that you can actually turn a blind eye to and it might affect your work in the long run.

SEO services can either make or break your online investment projects, so make sure that you don’t work with any whom are guaranteeing results.

What Else Should I Know?

Even the engineers at Google have stated guaranteeing results is bad for business, especially if you can’t follow through with your guarantees in the end of it all. Rankings in themselves are essentially unstable, the numbers and data is always going to be leaping all over the place; meaning you won’t be able to get a solid ranking sometimes. How is an SEO company supposed to guarantee rankings when they’re so delicate and unpredictable? It’s like a mechanic saying he’s going to understand what’s wrong with your car before it actually breaks, and when it does break he’s guaranteed that he can fix it. The mechanic isn’t a psychic, he’s just guessing and making it seem as if his customer has nothing to worry about.

It’s nothing more than a marketing tactic, but that’s not really effective when you take into consideration how many companies are still guaranteeing these results. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a team of complete imbeciles, SEO isn’t easy in any right and not everybody can handle the process.

Guarantees at the Right Time

There isn’t really a right time to guarantee something the SEO world, computers can be somewhat unpredictable sometimes and it all depends on how thorough the people running your SEO service happen to be. Settling for the cheaper stuff is more than likely going to lose you money in the long run anyways, so dig deep into those pockets and pay for an SEO company that’s worth its weight in gold. Remember, no SEO company that is reputable will be guaranteeing ranks of any sort, so look out for that (trust us, it happens a lot!).

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