The Problem with Illegitimate Links on a Website

Links-and-SEOWhile building websites, people make use of SEO for optimization purpose. Doing so, webmasters have to confront the problem with bad links. If links from illegitimate websites points towards any website, search ranking of that website reduces significantly. The bad part is, legitimate websites too get punished. Google unfortunately does not provide bad links instances while sending notices to various websites.

While adopting SEO strategies, reconsideration requests are sent out by webmasters asking for explanation regarding what causes the problem. But, the system has been developed in such a way that instead of explanation it can answer with “Processed”, “Yes” and “No”.

Matt Cutts, renowned Google engineer advices that webmasters can take help from the forum specially dedicated towards webmasters tools. Suggestions and advices are offered by experienced webmasters. Tools available there also provide illegitimate links examples, perfect for those concerned with website ranking and functionality.

The system is not fully equipped and lacks transparency as stated by Cutts. Spammers have increased by leaps and bounds which is actually a big reason behind the system being like this. However, he also stated Google has started working on the development of different tools that will assist towards handling illegitimate links. Removing links cannot be considered an easy task but if a webmaster wants to boost the ranking of his/her website then the methodology should be adopted.

Till the release of new tools by Google, webmasters must carry on with whatever is available to them currently and make legitimate ways of increasing search rankings.

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