New ways of backlinking for SEO

SEO LinksThere was a time when backlinking was the best technique for SEO. However, things have changed now and website administrators who do not oblige by the Webmaster Guidelines of Google can get their sites penalised or removed from search results. However, the guidelines also mention the permissible means that administrators can adopt for SEO.

Blogging – Blogging regularly is the simplest way to start backlinking campaign. It is effective and continuous process that does not go off the book irrespective of how mature the website has become. Besides, informative and concise blogs are much likely to be shared through social networks by the readers.

Content without Text – Text is integral to most online content. However, media like Instagram, YouTube, etc. have introduced new means of communicating with each other; i.e., through images, audios and videos. Webmasters can create infographics to reap the benefits of their popularity.

Education – Educating visitors online is in high demand. Instructive contents regarding doing something such as “how to do…?” There are many seekers of such articles and hence they are effective for SEO.

Resourceful Content – It is a long-term strategy but draws steady backlinking. Content can be called a resource only when it is more informative and more concise than those available on other websites. For instance, contents of Wikipedia have acquired the status of resource and are mostly at the top of Google Search result.

Wikipedia – Although all businesses are not allowed on it, those that are should have an entry into ‘the free encyclopaedia’.

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