The Mysterious Benefits Of Social Media And SEO

 The Mysterious Benefits Of Social Media And SEOSocial media is still shaking up the SEO world. At first, webmasters and marketers were slow to catch on, but those who did are now wealthy. They saw the advantage of using sites like Twitter, YouTube, and then Facebook. Now with hundreds of social media sites all over the world, the smart marketer knows which ones they can use to maximize their SEO campaigns.

Things can go haywire and become overwhelming. Some marketers do nothing more than take advantage of social media to make anything they want to go viral. They’ll have hundreds or thousands of Facebook pages and likewise pages on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and more. Each one intertwined with each other as well as their regular websites and blogs. Some of these campaigns pull in tens of millions of people per day. They’re literally engineers of SEO and social media and bring in the big six figures and seven and eight figure incomes.

They know how to push something into the limelight, and the average marketer can’t figure out how to take advantage of social media like the bigshots can but it’s not out of the picture because the social media pie is so huge and growing everyday that by using some simple strategies, the small company can do some serious damage and boost their stats through the roof.

Social media isn’t the place for spam. Start annoying people and the social media networks, the members, and search engines will be chasing you down while carrying torches and pitchforks. Social media expansion of your SEO campaigns means basically knowing the basics and how to blend in and post things that are of interest and unique quality that ties into your site, products, and services, but doesn’t beat the surfers over the head with. There are some Black Hat aka dishonest or disreputable approaches but they usually get the users beat down. You on the other hand have to sign up to the social media sites. Use your business name and make sure your contact and url data is prominent. Post interesting things but don’t emblazon your company name and URL all over the place. People should be able to see that via your name. If you want to get social media traffic to your site and not look spammy, then set up a separate url that focuses on something related to your business that you can post interesting posts about that lead directly to your site. For example, if your business is pool cleaning, then you set up a separate site about funny things regarding dirty pools or funny water play. Pics showing people swimming, having funny mishaps, animals getting into the pools, you would post and repost and comment on.

People will see that and venture to your site where you can then lead them on.
If you’re smart, people will feel a sense a loyalty and dependence on you to provide them with entertainment and will trust you more should you offer your services and products.

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