Making A Marriage Of SEO And Content Creation

Making A Marriage Of SEO And Content CreationThis is the combo right here. In the battle for search engine listing supremacy, having both a knowledge of content creation and SEO are paramount in today’s online marketing world.

Content marketing and SEO have to go hand in hand, but not compromising either. This calls for shrewd expertise and is not for the sloppy or uninitiated. Unfortunately, most companies can’t afford to find top quality content marketing pros and SEO experts. They can cost an arm and a a leg, however, it is money well worth investing because in the short and the long-term, you will win. You might not get the top keywords or keyphrases, but you’ll be way ahead of the pack. This isn’t a game anymore of just creating content specifically to take advantage of SEO tactics. Google is hip to that and is emphasizing the content that flows naturally, looks original, and isn’t full of spammy terms, keywords and so on. You’ll find that many content marketing groups still do the same old thing and with the changes in the game, it’s going to upset the apple cart of many an SEO company.

Actually, by emphasizing professionalism and honesty regarding the combination of content marketing and SEO will provide far more excellent results and the public will be well serviced. That’s what Google is looking for.

So how do you make this marriage last? First of all get your SEO fundamentals down pat. Same goes with creating your content. Your content has to be original, relevant, well written and engaging. It has to make the reader want to engage with your site and any links listed. Link building the professional and ethical way is a real winner.

Do your keyword and keyphrase research. Get the latest and dig a little deeper if you can. There are numerous free tools to do this and Google provides many of them.

Evergreen content is always a standard to live by. Picking topics that are always in circulation means you’ll get far more mileage. Fitness, health, beauty, pets, gardening, home improvement, are all niches that will go the distance and more.

Make an attempt to engage the reader to visit your social media pages. Engage in activities there. This will show up in the Google results and add more power to your pistons.

This is all about fine tuning, but not looking like you’re fine tuning. The best approach is just create content fluidly. Don’t even think about SEO. If the content is great, the SEO will take care of itself, which is what Google is looking for. It means from now on, companies will have to do the best they can, hire and compensate the best content creators from writers to videographers, to photographers. No more boiler room content farms from third world countries. Their use us grammar and metaphor is a dead giveaway.

So that’s the only way to win this game. Doing a professional job in both fields and let them meld together naturally.

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