The Changing Face Of Social Media And SEO

The Changing Face Of Social Media And SEOGet ready for a ride!

If you think keeping up with social media and SEO then you had better get ready for what’s going to happen down the line. In the coming months and years, what we think of as standard SEO is going to change drastically. The old fundamentals will still apply but the social media marketing end is where the action is all going to be at.

Let’s take a look at what this all means.

First of all, social media itself is constantly changing. Facebook is still king but there are other powerful sites like YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and who knows what else is being invented at this moment that might take the world by storm. If you’re not participating or if your customers and supporters aren’t participating in the social media experience, your company’s brand name isn’t getting out there.

Social media sites are becoming more powerful than search engines themselves. More precise too regarding organic traffic. The reason being is that any information about your website , pro or con, is going to be mentioned by someone who wanted your services or partook of your services and loved them. You get good mention from an article, video, pic, regarding your company and you could end up swamped with business, enough to make you a worldwide phenomenon. It can happen. You can go viral but you just don’t know when. In order to better your chances you need to be in the game not sitting on the sidelines wishing something would happen.

Soon, social media marketing will be focused on the social media networks to get those targeted organic traffic sources and if your sites aren’t SEO’d you won’t see the boost up in search engine traffic. It’s going to be the other way around pretty soon. Search engines will depend on what people have to say about your site instead of people looking for what you have using keywords and query strings.

The hard work is going to be in your keeping your website popping with life. No more will a static, cookie cutter template website work. It might as a form of electronic business card but don’t expect any miracles if the site isn’t alive with fresh content nor anything for people to get engaged with. Your website has to thrive with action and vibrancy. Just adding a few new pics a week is better than nothing at all. Just pics or vids of new products or happy customers will do. The more the merrier though. Make that site mobile friendly and social media friendly with ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ buttons plastered wherever you have room or get one of the fine plugins that will do the job for you and your readers can use.

Although the benefits of upcoming social media marketing and SEO look very bright, it’s going to take ‘doing’. No more ‘auto-pilot’ sites. You’re going to have to engage with the public or hire someone to do so. Don’t let your niche go without you being an authoritative voice in it.

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