Exaggerating Local SEO Content Could Backfire

Exaggerating Local SEO Content Could BackfireIt is crucial that you create original and relevant content for reinforcing local SEO but overdoing it could be counterproductive eventually. The time-honored axiom ‘the more, the merrier’ does not hold good in the local SEO realm. Waxing eloquent and taking a long-winded route to elucidate a topic or subject is a privilege available mostly to academics but in the dog-eat-eat world of e-commerce, exaggerating content for improving SERP ranking could backfire.

Of late, many businessmen and even some marketing gurus have started treating SEO and content as two sides of the same coin. All of a sudden, it looks as if the content has become the be-all and end-all of any and every local SEO campaign. Until and unless fresh pages are not uploaded on the websites, business owners are left with the feeling that enough attention has not been paid to SEO.

Proprietors and webmasters are relying on a mistaken premise if they assume that verbosity in content would be good for local SEO. Given the fierce competition that exists in the virtual world of trade and commerces your business could take a beating and you may lose clients if you continue with content overkill.

Pages devoted to local SEO usually do not add value

When it comes to buttressing local SEO, the strategy that is usually resorted to by marketers and business owners is to tag extra pages to the site, targeting specific locations in a city. Now, this technique could turn out to be effective if the appendage content is creative and germane but more often than not, this is not the case. The add-on pages usually become doorway pages typified by shallow content and are created chiefly to improve the site’s position on the ranking pages of the search engine.

It is Google, the world’s most admired search engine that defines such extra pages as ‘doorway pages’ and sites using this strategy are not favored by it. Since Google has been punishing sites harboring doorway pages since 2015, owners of such portals have had enough time to get their act together but of late many sites have gone overboard by appending doorway pages. What exactly is a doorway page?

If you’ve numerous pages on your site which are not listed on the ‘home page’ where each is dedicated to a particular city or location and have more or less the same content, then every such page is a ‘doorway page’. Google simply discourages the practice of adding on doorway pages with the expressed objective of improving local SEO ranking. Though the intention behind developing such pages may be commendable in theory, in reality, the end results are not good.

Clicking on any one or all the doorway pages takes the user to the same place which in the end could be frustrating for him or her. Therefore, if business owners are made aware of the futility of affixing ‘doorway pages’ to their sites, they’ll be able to frame a more efficient local SEO stratagem.

How many pages should you actually add?

Businessmen for the purpose of improving traffic to their sites will have to adopt an efficient technique with regards to reinforcing local SEO. Hence, proprietors would be eager to know about the exact number of pages they should be adding to their sites and how frequently should they conduct this exercise. Towards this end, it’d be appropriate to say quality matters more than quantity and so just adding 15-20 pages every month will not be fruitful.

To hit the nail on the head, you or your site would be doing better if you append 1-2 pages having inventive and original content, once in a month.