Do You Know Jacksonville Like The Palm Of Your Hand?

Do you know Jacksonville like the palm of your hand?Check out if you are aware of the following facts about Jacksonville:
• With an area exceeding 840 sq. miles, it is the biggest city (in terms of area) in continental US
• The city was founded by Isaiah Hart whose original streets shares the names of his daughters Laura and Julia
• Jacksonville get its name from Florida’s first military governor, General Andrew Jackson who by the way never set in the city
• The Mayport Ferry which links the beaches of the city to Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach is the one and only public car ferry in the entire state
• The populace of Northeast Florida is the youngest amongst all major towns and cities in Florida-the median age is 36 years

Landmarks and architectures in Jacksonville:
• The oldest resident of the city is an oak tree (Treaty Oak). The tree which was planted more than two hundred years ago (in 1822 to be precise) stands proudly at a height of more than 70 feet and has a girth of 25 feet
• St James Building which now functions as a departmental store was designed by the celebrated architect Henry John Klutho
• 146 city blocks in the heart of the city were completely gutted in ‘The Great Fire of 1901’ the third biggest fire after the ‘Great Chicago Fire’ and San Francisco fire (1906)
• Constructed at a staggering cost of $117 million dollars and opened to the public in 1989 is the 2nd longest concrete cable-supported bridge in the western half of the world

Historical Facts:
• The Ostrich Farm which thrived in the early 20th century once used to be the city’s top tourist attraction
• More than 30 movie enterprises began making motion pictures from 1916 onwards. However, the fledgling industry had to shift to California when citizens started complaining about the deafening noise.

Sports Facts:
• The first college-level football match in Florida was played between Stetson University and Florida Agriculture College in 1901
Jacksonville Jaguars became the 30th team to join the NFL franchise in 1993
• River Run, a 15-km race organized annually was held for the first time in 1978 on 1st April

Culture Facts:
• Theater Jacksonville is the oldest community theater in Florida, operating since 1919
• Jacob Symphony Hall, constructed in 1997 is Florida’s one and only full-fledged orchestra hall where the Jacksonville Symphony stages its shows

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