Categorizing Your Website For SEO Efficiency

Categorizing Your Website For SEO EfficiencyOne of the biggest battles you’ll have to go through regarding your SEO campaigns are knowing that you need to know where you stand regarding SEO and the major areas you need to be applicable with it.

This means, primarily, the first step which is the region your site’s keywords and keygroups and keyphrases cover. There is local SEO for companies confined to a specific area. Your site should have your location displayed prominently in every area of your site from writing to photos to videos. Not only that but your email lists and other communications. If your site caters to a national base, then you need to emphasize it in your copy, titles, pics, videos, etc.. If people don’t know that they can order your goods or services from their locations, you’re losing out on traffic, customers, and revenue. Now, if you have a global market which most affiliate marketers have, you need to emphasize it as well. Not only do you need to show your location in your site’s copy, pics, vids, and communications, but in social media as well. This will show up in the search engines so that people who are looking for what you have can find you and order.

Making friends with the big boys. This is the practice of becoming allies with the big sites that sell the same products and services you have in your niche. This takes skill and good character while communicating. You’re looking for links from such sites on a default basis but also on a direct basis especially through social media. Larger sites sometimes will mention or link to a smaller site for specific reasons, usually because the smaller site has something to offer. When this happens it’s for your betterment and makes you look more authoritative. See if you can make friends with the big sites by visiting the industry forums, joining their email lists, or peppering their social media pages with compliments and very brief explanations of your company so that others can see you’re both in the same business but not competing.

Check your site for technical issues. Does your site have spelling errors? How about untagged pics and videos? Do you have error pages popping up when people clink links to your site? How fast does your site load? Do you have a ridiculous amount of pop-up menus? People hate pop-ups and nag screens. Clean your site up. Start from the top tot he bottom and if you’re not the webmaster, don’t try to do a job that you’re not trained for. Let the professionals do it.

Is your site tech friendly? This means are you using the latest technologies so that your site is being accessed by the public? One primary thing is making your site mobile friendly. Mobile is the largest of the upcoming platforms and will be outdistancing desktops and laptops very soon. If you’ve not gotten around to making your site mobile friendly, you had better get your gear in order and do so immediately. Google has free tools to help webmasters at this so don’t waste time.

Finally, every science has fundamental principles. The same goes with SEO, the problem is that SEO encompasses many sciences and procedures that can change drastically at a moment’s notice, and if you’re not on top of things you can be left in the dust.

Don’t be left in the dust, get your SEO game hat on now.

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